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Man with Wine at Computer Do you have a wine making or beer brewing question that you’d like some expert help with? Ask your question below, and we will feature your question (with the answer) on our blog!

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3 thoughts on “Ask Ed Your Wine/Beer Making Question

  1. I am a beginner in fruit wine making. After the month of secondary fermenting and racking for the 2-3 month long haul aging do I still put on the airlocks or just put the rubber stoppers? I can’t find any articles that says one way or another..

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  2. Hi Ed,

    I made red grape wine for the first time and I am not using any wine kit. At this point my wine is in the secondary fermenters and I have two 25 litre carboys and have been fermenting for about a month. Yesterday one of the carboys stopped fermenting so I checked the SG with the hydrometer and it seems that the fermentation is done so I racked only the carboy that stopped bubbling to another clean carboy and added campden tablets. My problem is that the other carboy is still slowly bubbling through the airlock and I dont know if this is normal since both carboys were racked at the same time from the primary fermenter.

    Thanks Would appreciate any help.

    • Stephen, it is not uncommon to have 2 fermenters of wine sitting side by side and the ferment at different rates even from the same batch or made exactly alike. Things like the set of nutrients in one fermentation verses another, to the fact that one is slightly closer to the basement window than the other — all of these little things can make a difference in the way a wine ferments.

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